I know it’s in there. It’s been in there for a long time; longer than anyone else knows, longer than you’re willing to admit. You can try to cover it up. You can try to brush it aside. You can try to forget about it. But it won’t go away. And it won’t leave you alone.

Call it a goal. Call it a dream. Call it a purpose. Call it what you want. It doesn’t matter. It won’t go away. Not until you acknowledge it. Not until you accept it. Not until you embrace it. Not until you honor it. And even then, it will remain.

We all have one. That one thing we wonder about when it’s just us at night, alone with our thoughts. When the last words have been said and the last lights have been turned off. That one thing we rarely allow ourselves to do more than dream about. That one thing we want more than anything to share with the world, yet we’re too scared to say aloud, even in an empty room.

We’re scared. We’re scared of what people might think. We’re scared of what people might say. We’re scared of what might happen. And when our fear takes over, we stop dead. We stop dead in our tracks. Paralyzed. Unable, or worse, unwilling to take even one step, or one thought closer to our goal, closer to our dream, closer to our purpose.

You can hear them saying it, “You shouldn’t do it. You can’t.”

They don’t need to say a word. We say it for them.

And the great tragedy that we all suffer from is this: if we would take just one step past our doubts, just one step beyond our fears, we would finally give those who love us the most, the chance to say to us, “Of course you should. Of course you can.”